Preparing Young People
For Puberty


What We Do

We support and educate young people through our Natural Cycle Development Programme. 

Why it’s Important


1 in 5 parents

don't speak to their children about puberty & menstruation.


1 in 5 girls

age 14-21 in the UK have been teased or bullied about their periods, 67% of these girls faced the abuse at school.


66% of girls

surveyed missed classes because of their period.


Two in three

young girls knew very little or nothing at all about periods.

How We Help

Back to School

We break down the taboo and remove the stigma around puberty and menstruation.


We work to prevent bullying and shaming behavior.


We enable children to become more confident as they go through the bodily changes of puberty.


" Rachel and her colleague were excellent with our Year 6 menstrual cycle workshop. They were very well prepared with their resources, activities and informative slides! Sitting in with our pupils, it was lovely to see the engagement and participation of the girls in a welcoming and open space. The resources were age appropriate and the ladies were very good at answering appropriate questions and signalling others to the class teacher if it was too in depth for the workshop. It was very educational and would recommend! "

Brookfield Primary School- Sutton

Our Impact

Overall, What did you think of todays workshop?


Do you now feel more confident to discuss puberty  with your parents/carer?


Data collected from children who have attended our workshops.



We are keen to impact as many children with our workshop as possible.  We regularly carry out free workshops online via Zoom for parents to attend with their children to learn about puberty in a fun and interactive way, your donation will go towards the cost of a child and parent attending our workshop.