Our workshops educate adolescents about Puberty & Menstrual cycle while dismantling the taboo & stigma associated with periods, In accordance with the national curriculum and DFE guidelines.

What we do & why we are different!


We have created a workshop model that works to break down the taboo while removing the stigma around the topic, we work to prevent bullying and shaming behaviour, Whilst enabling adolescents to become more confident when dealing with this natural cycle.


The workshops have been created to celebrate menstruation, eliminate any stigma and get young people talking. 

The sessions are very interactive and engaging unlike conventional schooling this workshop creates a safe space for individuals to open up and discuss the subject.

  • Research shows that 1 in 5 parents don't speak to their children about puberty & menstruation!


  • Boys are reaching puberty earlier around age 8-9, but due to lack of understanding & knowledge this is having an affect on their mental health.

  • 1 in 5 girls age 14-21 in the UK have been teased or bullied about their periods, 67% of these girls faced the abuse at school!

  • 66% of girls surveyed missed classes because of their period!

  • Two in three young girls knew very little- or nothing at all- about periods!

(This study was based on 1000 people)



Our aim

Is to work with young individuals to bring education and practical solutions to assist them throughout this time.

Our goal 

Is to empower & offer reassurance and combat any social taboos & stigma that may arise.

Our mission

Is to eliminate any false information and provide practical factual details of

what to expect and how to cope with these changes.

 NCDP is a Social Enterprise.

Certified Social Enterprise Badge - Blac

What this means for the community-

We will give back at least 50% of the business profits for workshops, projects etc, everything we do is for the community!

What this means for US-

We can now apply for funding & grants to deliver our workshops to the community for FREE!

How you can HELP-

Please post, like, share & repost

Donations would be GREAT!

Our vision within the next 3 years is to be able to provide education and empower children in many schools across the UK on a weekly basis.

We started this venture at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic it started as a passion project for us, we personally wanted to make a difference removing the stigma & taboo around puberty & menstruation!



Brookfield Primary School- Sutton

Rachel and her colleague were excellent with our Year 6 menstrual cycle workshop. They were very well prepared with their resources, activities and informative slides! Sitting in with our pupils, it was lovely to see the engagement and participation of the girls in a welcoming and open space. The resources were age appropriate and the ladies were very good at answering appropriate questions and signalling others to the class teacher if it was too in depth for the workshop. It was very educational and would recommend! 

Holy trinity school- Northwood

This workshop is great for both girls & boys it complied with the national curriculum and offered much more than what is expected to be delivered.

There is such a stigma around periods and the boys of course laughed, but once the trainer explained the affects it has the conversation turned to asking more in-depth questions which was great.

 I would suggest this workshop as its fun, educational & very interactive using a selection of games, videos & quizzes.

Mum who attended workshop

Thanks for the workshop on Saturday, it was a really nice experience to have with my daughter. It allowed her to learn some very invaluable information but in a relaxed non formal setting she got a lot out of it.

Please do anther one explaining about the birds and the bees ;) 

Impact After Our Workshops.


What We Do!

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