About Us

NCDP is a social enterprise that that works to equip and empower children with a thorough understanding of puberty and menstrual cycle through our Natural Cycle Development Programme. 

Our Mission

Is to enable children to go through puberty with confidence, eliminating false information surrounding puberty and menstruation, whilst breaking down taboos and removing stigmas associated with puberty and menstruation.

Our Vision

Is to impact and educate as many children as possible across London and the South East with our services.

Our Partners


We are passionate about upskilling the future generation. We work in partnership with City Gateway to offer work experience opportunities to 16-24 on our project.

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We became a social enterprise on Friday 18th December 2020.
We pledge to re-invest at least 50% of the business profits back into the community

We work in partnership with Opportunity Access to provide our work experience trainees with employability skills training.

Our Team

“We started this business as a passion project, with the intent to personally making a difference in removing the stigma and taboos surrounding puberty and menstruation, we are currently building a team of people to help us with this vision”


Rachel Jackson



Christine Robinson