About Us

NCDP work with primary and secondary schools, community & social groups, parents, youth organisations within the UK, to equip and empower girls & boys with a thorough understanding about puberty & periods through our Natural Cycle Development Programme. 


Through our youth advisory panel, we work with young girls & boys to help build our programmes, this allows us to provide a holistic approach to the education we deliver.

Our provision therefore uses age appropriate language and resources, and includes worksheets, games, videos, PowerPoints and audio-visual aids, we also provide a safe space for the students to ask questions in relations to puberty & periods.

Covering topics such as puberty & the effects this has on our mind & body, body changes, what are periods, when periods starts, period cycles, sanitary products& demos, keeping track of periods, period symptoms and pain, mood changes before and during periods and overall wellbeing, personal hygiene.

We will work with you to offer a tailor-made solution that best suits your organisation and compliment your curriculum.


Our programmes are delivered by expert trainers that are DBS checked and with a background of working with young people, our trainer will come to your organisation and can provide sessions that range from 60- 90 minutes blocks, full days or programmes spread over several weeks.

Who we are

Meet the founders of NCDP we support, educate & empower young people.

We started this business as a passion project, we personally wanted make a difference by removing the stigma & taboo around puberty & menstruation.

We are currently building a team of people to help us with this passion.


Rachel Jackson



Christine Robinson



Catherine Taiwo

Workshop Host